The LMSPodcast series consists of interviews with people who use learning management systems. It primarily focuses on the Blackboard learning management system, but other systems are also covered. And most of the discussion is not specific to any one learning management system.

Friday, July 06, 2007

BbFS 26 Wayne Twitchell, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

Wayne Twitchell, Application Integrator and Developer, works on the Blackboard system at Grinnell College, a Liberal Arts college with around 1,600 students. Because of the small size of the college and common focus of the faculty, Wayne is able to be very nimble, keeping his Blackboard system on the newest version and adding Building Blocks that increase its usefulness. In this wide-ranging conversation with Wayne, we talk about his use of the Language Pack to customize the terminology, creating "Grinell English" for his system, and how he uses the first year "Tutorial" class, an introduction to liberal arts, to refresh the Blackboard training of the faculty. This is the longest recording to date, but I considered it all so valuable that I was unwilling to cut anything out.

Listen to BbFS26 (68 minutes)